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Captive to a Pirate

Captive to a PirateCaptive to a Pirate

Ebook $3.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBookstore

Paperback $13.99 on Amazon and other retailers

Paperback $8.92 on Barnes & Noble

Approximately 66,000 words long



Dressed as a boy, the voluptuous Brigid O’Cullane infiltrates a ship full of pirates, seeking a treasure map that belonged to her dead father. What she isn’t searching for is Liam Lynch, a gorgeous pirate who was once her dead father’s closest—and possibly backstabbing—friend. Forced to work alongside him, she finds herself torn between desire and suspicion.

Liam never knew that his old mentor had a daughter. Nor did he know that Brigid had been kept in the dark about the magic that runs through her veins and the true dangers of the Caribbean. At first, he only seeks treasure for himself and the safety of his unwilling captive, but his hunger for Brigid’s lush curves and her fiery spirit cannot be denied.

Their story takes them from the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas to the dying days of buccaneer infested Port Royal, as they discover gold, paranormal secrets and a love that will change everything.

Here at last is the collection of all four previously published titles in the CAPTIVE TO A PIRATE erotic romance series, bundled in print for the first time.



“What would I have to gain by giving it to you?”

Brigid narrowed her eyes, trying to ignore the shivers he was currently eliciting. A difficult task when she could feel his hips settled against hers, the hard heat of him prodding her. All she wanted to do was press to him and feel him places no one had ever touched her.

“You’d know you’d done right by someone you claimed as a mate. It’s the decent thing to do,” Brigid said.

“Mm, funny thing that.” Liam’s callused hand cupped one of her breasts and she made a soft, involuntary sound as she automatically leaned into the touch. “It assumes I’m a decent man to begin with.”

His thumb was now working in agonizingly slow circles. As her eyes fluttered shut, she wondered if using her body to distract him might be to her advantage, but she doubted it. He was far too in control and flustering her too well for that.

“You don’t know about the traps. Or how to get there safely,” she said.

“Traps, hm?” His lips slid over hers, a soft teasing brush that made her breath freeze in her throat. “Map doesn’t mention any traps.”

“Of course not. He didn’t want anyone but me to find what was there.”

She expected him to find some new way to counter her. Instead, he kissed her again, his lips caressing hers in slow, languorous strokes. Brigid was still for a moment, unsure of how to respond. When she felt him catch her bottom lip to suckle at it, she moaned involuntarily and leaned forward to press her lips to his.


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