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I’m still busily getting Fighting Like Cats and Dogs all polished and ready and trying to figure out what will come next. There are about a million different ideas roaring through my head right now, making it difficult to decide. And finding a new album to use for inspiration has probably made things worse:

I never got that into the All-American Rejects before, but their newest album is really working wonderfully for a soundtrack to my writing. It’s all about passion and heartbreak and nostalgia, which are all exactly what a romance novel should be. This song in particular has one of the most poignant choruses I’ve ever heard in a pop song. A single line encompasses so much:

My someday’s gone now

Doesn’t that just perfectly match that sense of loss from a broken heart? Not just that you’ve lost the present with that person, but all of those possible “somedays” you might have spent together.

And while we all want that happily-ever-after in the end, it’s the fear of losing that someday that keeps us absolutely glued to a book. Without battling through the heartbreak first, the victory just isn’t quite as sweet.


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