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Internet Quote of the Day: “I’m a 37 year old German hermaphrodite and I DON’T LIKE Spaghetti.”


Source [Top Comment]

As a quick note on my Internet Quotes of the Day, I’d like to point out that these are things I’ve found alternately strange, funny, silly, insightful, interesting or frighteningly wrong. Just because something is an IQOTD does not mean I promote or condone the ideas expressed in it (though there are many that I do agree with).

In this case, this quote is from a YouTube comment. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do not call human beings “hermaphrodites.” There are intersex conditions in which sex characteristics may be ambiguous or mixed, but calling a fellow human being a hermaphrodite is medically wrong and dehumanizing.

Be kind to one another! After all, none of us will make it out of this life alive. Let’s make it as wonderful for one another as possible.


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