The World of Lilith T. Bell

Romance and adventure await…

His Dangerous Infatuation

His Dangerous InfatuationHis Dangerous Infatuation

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance and iBookstore

Paperback $9.99 on Amazon and other retailers

Approximately 40,000 words long



Captain Jaime Valle was slated to be one of the first people on Mars. Now someone’s framing him as a spy and blackmailing him into dropping out of the program. When a scientist named Angela Lloyd-Whitney asks him to pretend to be her date, it seems like a good opportunity to get closer to the man he thinks is plotting against him. Soon he finds himself much more interested in Angela than clearing his own name.

Angela lost her cousin to an unsolved murder. Haunted by the mystery and harassed by her abusive uncle, a sexy astronaut with a talent for getting under people’s skin is just what she needs. Unfortunately, he’s getting under her skin as well.

They both have their reasons for keeping their hearts closed.

Yet there’s no controlling infatuation.



Jaime tilted his head a bit, looking her over with an unexpected heat in his eyes. It made her shiver as though his gaze had a physical weight to it. “Beautiful. I’d give you a 9.7.”

She laughed as she felt her cheeks burning. Why was she doing something so absurd? For the first time in her life, a man she genuinely found attractive was showing interest. Angela had never felt outright hideous, but she assumed there had to be something off-putting about her to limit interest so much. And yet whatever that off-putting element was, Jaime seemed immune to it.

“What would I need for a perfect ten?”


He closed the bit of distance between them and slid his hands up to cradle her breasts. She felt the rough brush of his thumbs swirl against her nipples and her eyes automatically shut as she exhaled in a shudder.

“Oh…oh God.” Gasping to fill her lungs again, she automatically arched her chest into that touch. That hadn’t been what she was expecting, which seemed naïve in retrospect.

“Yes, I’d say ‘perfect’ is just the right description for you.”


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