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old-typewriterWhen I first started to write His Dangerous Infatuation, I had a lot of doubts about what I was doing. Why? Because my original idea was way weirder. Weirder than a romance novel with Nikola Tesla inspired technology and an astronaut and blackmail and murder and people pretending to be in relationships? Strangely enough, yes.


The original concept of the story involved Angela as the distant descendent of Brigid and Liam from Captive to a Pirate. Her family (but not her) remained rich and powerful, but had lost touch with their roots. Their rat shape-shifter roots. There were only so many times I could sit down and start writing while shouting RATS. IN. SPAAAAAAAACE. before it became too absurd and I was ashamed of my own brain. In this version Jaime was Seamus, but still an astronaut. Both of his parents were alive and involved in his life, though they strongly disapproved of his relationship with Angela. The story was set in New York, so that when our hero left for training he would truly be leaving.


When I got rid of the shape-shifter part, I decided the space part was too weird as well. I was going to rewrite it as a story about technological espionage instead. Seamus wasn’t angry about being blackmailed out of the space program, but because his technique for 3D printing transplant organs had been stolen and he had been framed for crimes that destroyed his career. The setting remained New York, but I just couldn’t get into the espionage story. It didn’t fit the relationship and that needs to come first.


So now the big change: At this point I decided that I was making Seamus far, far too similar to Liam. I needed a hero without Irish ancestry, who wasn’t from anywhere in the British Isles. I needed something new. He became Captain Jaime Valle–an astronaut, yes, but also a second generation immigrant whose family came from Cuba–and everything started to fall into place. The espionage plot I’d used before was only part of the attempt to frame Jaime. The setting moved from New York to Houston. Many of the elements I’d had in my earliest draft of the story returned, but now it was science-fiction instead of paranormal. Perfect.


Eeeeeexcept then I got in a car accident. My injuries have made it extremely painful to sit at the computer and I have a pinched nerve that makes my right hand go numb. It was as if some vengeful anti-muse had devised an evil plot to make writing as unpleasant as possible. Despite all that, I kept going. It was slow, but I wasn’t going to give up.


With a fresh trauma on my mind, there was one last change to the story before it was finished. While the power of His Dangerous Infatuationlove is a wonderful thing and my partner helped me heal in the aftermath of being sexually assaulted, our love couldn’t wipe away all the effects of that ordeal. I wanted Angela to have a happy ending, but it felt fundamentally dishonest to ignore the deep emotional scars that would result from seeing her cousin murdered. To do the character justice, I had to explore her trauma more deeply. This brought out some pain Jaime had buried as well. Ultimately, I feel that this greatly strengthened the story.


And so at long last, His Dangerous Infatuation is done. While I do plan on writing another shifter book eventually (it may well star Brigid and Liam’s son Donny), I think this one was meant to stand on its own. There are still rats in the story (and they turn out to be instrumental in Angela and Jaime falling in love!), but they are strictly the four-legged kind.

His Dangerous Infatuation

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance and iBookstore

Paperback $9.99 on Amazon and other retailers


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