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What do you think about blog tours?

old-typewriterAs a relatively new author, I’m always looking into new ways to get the word out about my books. The fact that I’m a little terrified of what words I might get in return makes that difficult (I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to solicit professional reviews), so I definitely don’t do as much promotion as I could or possibly should.

Blog tours are a method of promotion that sounds intriguing, but it seems like there are a lot of negative experiences as well. It’s easy enough to say the authors who had bad experiences screwed up somehow (and that’s exactly what some people do say), but is that the only problem?

Looking around at what other authors and readers have to say, I found this gem in comments that really rang true:

“What’s even sadder is seeing blog tours conducted within the inbred new/aspiring author blog community. Most days my blog feed is just a constant barrage of aspiring/new authors talking each others’ releases/news up to other aspiring/new authors. I read hardly any of those blogs anymore.” – Sarah McCabe

I see this a lot and it creates an insular little experience where no one is reaching out beyond the circle of new and aspiring authors. It’s something I really fear falling into as a newer author who is very shy about stepping outside my comfort zone.

The important question isn’t how authors feel about blog tours: it’s if readers even care about them at all. If I knew it was something that could genuinely connect to readers, I might do a blog tour, but I’m still not convinced that it’s a very useful way to reach out to readers.

What do other people think? Have you ever discovered an author because they did a blog tour? Is this something readers genuinely enjoy?


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