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The Cannibal Song, by Savage Garden #amwriting

This song has always annoyed me, as one of the most saccharine of all Savage Garden songs. But today it popped up while I was writing about werewolves who eat werewolves (as one does) and suddenly it hit me…

Darren Hayes isn’t singing “like animals.” He’s singing “like CANNIBALS.”

And suddenly the song makes so much more sense and takes on a surreal beauty.

Reconsider the chorus:

‘Cause I want to live like cannibals
Careless and free like cannibals
I want to live
I want to run through the jungle
The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet

Darren isn’t fantasizing about animals being all great and idealistic. He just wants to go set up a cannibal commune out in the jungle somewhere. And the most irritating verse in the entire song is now wonderfully sinister:

I’ve been having difficulties keeping to myself
Feelings and emotions better left up on the shelf
Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie
Which one is more human
There’s a thought, now you decide

And let us not forget the chilling question we’re asked in the bridge: Would you like to make a run for it?


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