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The Last Blue Moon

The Last Blue MoonThe Last Blue Moon

Ebook $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance and iBookstore

Approximately 45,000 words long



The San Francisco Bay Area has a long history of hosting a diverse human population. Things get a little bit wilder than human alone, though. Witches, werewolves, and even demons have claimed the territory for their own. Yet amidst power struggles and supernatural threats, love still finds a way.

Getting over your first love can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially hard for werewolves. Sofia Leones claimed Hunter Quezada as her mate when they were still in college. Yet when he was accused of being a man-eater, her father threw him out of the pack and she didn’t see him again for a decade. Not until bodies begin piling up and Hunter suddenly returned to her life.

He was sure he could never convince Sofia to believe in him, but Hunter had to set his own injured pride aside when new wolves came to San Francisco and began murdering humans indiscriminately. Their blood lust put all of the paranormal community in danger, but it went far beyond that. A blue moon was coming, offering dark power to any cruel enough to claim it.

With their lives in danger, the last thing either Sofia or Hunter need is to be distracted by their feelings for one another. But while young love might have been hard to lose, the passion they rediscover is truly irresistible.



Hunter went still. He didn’t pull away from me or stop touching me, but he didn’t do anything else either. He just stood there over me, his warm brown eyes searching my face. “Do you not want me anymore?”

“I want you to stop if I tell you to stop,” I explained, though I could tell by the way he narrowed his eyes that the explanation hadn’t quite worked for him.

Finally, he loosened his grip on my arms and began drawing away. “All right.”

He was warmer to the touch than a human, as any of our kind tended to be, but that wasn’t why I felt cold when he was no longer pressed to me. The absence of him ached like a phantom limb that wouldn’t go away. Before he could put too much distance between us, one of my hands went to the back of his neck and pulled him in once again for a kiss. This time my lips stroked over his to remember all the sweetness there had been before, offering him so much more than just nonresistance.

If he was confused by my change of heart, he didn’t show it. He responded quickly by pressing himself to my body again, bending me backwards over the desk with the kiss. Hunter’s lips parted against mine and his teeth scraped against my bottom lip, a quiet growl escaping his throat. Then he took my mouth again, his tongue plunging past my lips to taste and explore.

I whimpered and clung to him tighter, my fingers sliding up the back of his neck and burying themselves in his hair. My other hand went to the small of his back to hold him. I pushed my way up under his coat to rub along his spine through the thin cotton of his t-shirt, then tugged the shirt up as well so I could get to his skin. My fingers curled against his warm flesh, dragging down it just to feel him every way I could.

When he broke the kiss we were both panting, but he gave little time for either of us to recover. His lips were instantly at my neck to kiss and trail over the sensitive skin there. I hissed softly and pushed back against him, tucking my jaw down to keep from exposing my throat to him. As badly as I wanted him, I wasn’t sure about submitting and that’s exactly what offering him my throat meant.

He drew away again, but only far enough to meet my eyes. Hunger was naked on his face, making me feel more like prey than another wolf. “You don’t trust me with your throat?” he asked, his voice quiet and dark.

I licked my lips, tasting his lingering presence there. “Give me a reason to.”


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