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I love this plot generator so much, you don’t even know

This is the most hilariously awesome plot generator I’ve ever used:

The girl’s name is Olivia and she is muscular and desperate. She enjoys sewing. Her occupation is nurse and overall she is suffering an emotional problem. She is also haunted by unexplainable memories.

Her hair is brown and short and curly. She is 5’3″ and is softly rounded and with generous curves. She wears feminine business suits. [As…a nurse?]

She meets Christopher in a Tropical setting. He is a Police Officer, sophisticated and a hard worker, and he enjoys volunteering to help people in need. He appears to be worried. He is also a time traveler.

His hair is honey blonde and shaggy. He is 6′ and is thin. He wears very casual clothes like jeans, shorts and t-shirts.

The paranormal situation these two face is a witch [as time-travelling police officers often battle] may be more powerful than it appears to be.

Answer these questions:

    • Why do they meet there?
    • Why is she there?
    • Why is he there?


The obstacle to their romance that they must overcome is they don’t agree on what is going on. When someone who has been helping them turns out be their enemy it brings them to the realization that they can overcome the obstacle.

This one is from the paranormal generator. There is also a contemporary het romance generator, a contemporary lesbian/gay/bisexual generator, and a het suspense romance generator.

They are all fantastic and hilarious…and dare I say inspiring?


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