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Mallory Ortberg and Anne Helen Peterson on ‘Crash’

As if I needed more reasons to swoon over Mallory Ortberg’s writing.


Mallory: Oh my God, can you even imagine the Crash-y version of Brokeback Mountain?

JACK: I wish I knew how to quit you because socially, that would make my life easier. Yet I also regularly engage in unprotected anal sex, as is my right. Does this make you uncomfortable?

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: You people disgust me.

ENNIS: I hate Mexicans, but a Mexican woman saved my life. What am I supposed to do with this?

The MOUNTAIN crashes into everybody. They die. The MEXICAN WOMAN names her daughter Ennis, who grows up to be Hillary Clinton because anything is possible.

‘Crash’: The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All


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