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Going Out of (The Paranormal) Business Sale

Just to get this out of the way before there’s a panic: I am not quitting writing. Lord no. I’m taking a break from paranormal romance, in order to write a bunch of contemporary and historical romances that I’ve been dying to get to and just haven’t been able to due to my obligations to the Beasts of the Bay series.

I will be writing paranormal stories again in the future, but I’m not going to have one out every month like I’ve been doing with the Beasts of the Bay series. I need a break to let the creative wells refill a bit!

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a massive sale on my currently available paranormal romances as a gift back to my readers. From now until Monday July 28th, every single paranormal romance I have will be available for 99¢ or free. Yes, this even includes bundles.

Look at all this discounted goodness:

Trapped: Captive to a Pirate Part 1: FREE Amazon | ARe
Bound: Captive to a Pirate Part 2: FREE ARe
Bound: Captive to a Pirate Part 2: 99¢ Amazon | B&N
Lost: Captive to a Pirate Part 3: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
Found: Captive to a Pirate Part 4: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARE
Captive to a Pirate [Bundle]: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
Like a Cat in Heat: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
Cat and Mouse [Beasts of the Bay #1]: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
The Last Blue Moon [Beasts of the Bay #2]: 99¢ Amazon | B&N | ARe
Lost in Heat [Beasts of the Bay #3]: 99¢ Amazon |B&N | ARe
Chosen Mates [Beasts of the Bay Bundle]: 99¢ Amazon | B&N |ARe

And as an added bonus, my contemporary romantic thriller His Dangers Infatuation is also 99¢, to hopefully give readers new to my more reality based stories a taste of what’s to come. Amazon | B&N | ARe

My final paranormal romance for 2014 will be available August 1st: Desired by the Demon. That novella will also be available for 99¢ for its first week!

And what’s happening after this orgy of paranormal deals? A historical romance set in England during WWII, between a white Royal Air Force pilot and the Black woman who was his best friend growing up, as they struggle to deal with new feelings for one another and the racism of the times that complicate their relationship. Then there’s a contemporary romance with old lovers reunited in a small midwestern town in the aftermath of a tornado. I have another historical romance lined up, which returns to subjects near and dear to my heart: pirates, the British West Indies, and badass historical Women of Color. There are more contemporary stories in the works, but I’ll leave those for another day.

It’s going to be a very exciting fall and I hope you’ll be joining me for all the romance and adventure that awaits.


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