The World of Lilith T. Bell

Romance and adventure await…


aboutI wrote my first book in the second grade. With my mother’s help to typeset and the Xerox machine at the library, I published it–with black and white illustrations–and then went door to door throughout my neighborhood to sell it. Looking back at it now, I’m a little bit horrified at the idea of approaching each reader individually and looking them in the eye as I demand they read my book. Where did that absurdly gutsy child go?


It took a few more years before I had my first novel in print, but they were years well-spent learning a bit more about storytelling, even if they left me a touch more timid. Every book is a new experience and a new chance to better hone my skills. While I’m never fully satisfied with anything I write, I can always keep the promise to my readers that I will be working even harder on the next book.


Today, I live in an unincorporated village in northwestern Wisconsin, surrounded by forest and peace. It’s the perfect place to write, but can become lonesome at times. Luckily, I have my own love to continue to inspire me. We have no children–yet–but many animals.


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